Executive Charters


Safe, Reliable, and Dependable

We provide safe, reliable, and most importantly “dependable” helicopter service. For each client, we strive to exceed the highest expectations. We approach each flight with a dedication to make your travel plans effortless and pleasant. Helicopter flights are a great time saver, but require precise planning and coordination. Our company personnel excel at getting the job done right with constant attention to safety!

Aerial Executive Charter Minnesota Helicopter

Don’t miss a minute

For the Executive time is a resource that is non-recoverable. Wasting time on a traffic jammed highway can be construed as irresponsible. Even with the use of cell phones business is best done face to face.. Helicopters get you there fast.

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Leisure time

Leisure advantages -spend to much time on business? Make the most of your leisure time and use Helicopter charters to get you to your lake house, casinos, or favorite get away spot. It’s fast easy and leaves more time for you.


Helicopters charters are an efficient and convenient way to travel without the hassles experienced with the typical airport and traffic delays. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure helicopter charters will save you time.
  • *Weight restrictions apply, total passenger weight must not exceed 600lbs, Individual passenger weight must not exceed 300lbs

    **All changes to reservations require seven (7) days advance notice to avoid any additonal rescheduling costs. Any Participants or Individuals who have physical health conditions or concerns such as broken bones, pregnancy or other conditions which are considered to be unsafe may be ineligible to participate. All participants must have a valid photo ID (Passposrt, Drivers License, or State ID) Children accompanied by a Legal Guardian are not required to have a Photo I.D. unless they are 16 years of age or older. All helicopter flights may be cancelled by the Pilot due to high winds, heavy rain, fog, or other inclement weather conditions. The flight will be rescheduled at no additional costs if this occurs but there are no refunds.