Special Occasions

Corporate Helicopter Events

Corporate Event Helicopter Rides

This year have a helicopter at your company event to give your employees a gift you all can enjoy!!  Contact us to book a date today!!

Helicopter Birthday Rides

Helicopter Birthday Parties

Come enjoy your BIRTHDAY PARTY!!

Helicopter Fundraising and Fairs

Fundraising and Fairs

Are you having a large fundraising event, picnic, carnival or any function with a large attendance?  We will come and fly for you. We pay a percentage of its gross sales from the event, to the event committee or to any other organization of the committee’s choosing.  This a great and easy way to add profits to any fundraiser, and we do all the work.  Everyone loves riding in a helicopter, it’s fun and exciting, and it will draw a crowd every time.

Helicopter Wedding Getaways

Wedding Proposals and Getaway

Wedding proposals are great!  This will take her breathe away and then follow-up with the wedding, what a great way to travel.