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Charter Helicopter Flight Options in Minnesota

A charter flight is the perfect way to make your getaway even better! A charter flight can take away the hassle of standing in lines at a busy airport to get to a crowded airplane full of noise and chaos. Why not start your vacation off right in privacy and comfort with a beautiful view of Minnesota? MN Helicopters offers you the perfect way to travel in style. Our five-state region includes North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

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Runways Not Required

A charter helicopter flight is the ideal way to get where you need with little hassle. With a fixed-wing airplane, your destinations are limited to places with runways or roads. With our top-quality helicopter service, the sky’s the limit when it comes to picking a destination! You can head off the beaten path, vacation on a mountaintop or remote island, or even land in the middle of a field.

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Whether you’re headed to the Super Bowl or a weekend retreat, we can take you anywhere in Minnesota or the surround states.

Some of our most popular destinations for helicopter charter flights:

  • Ski resorts
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Music festivals
  • Lake house
  • Concerts

Enjoy Breathtaking Views

One of the biggest reasons to travel by helicopter is simply for the fun of it! A short road trip becomes a breathtaking excursion across the Twin Cities and over the beautiful countryside. The spectacular bird’s eye view is part of your vacation magic. Take unforgettable pictures to last a lifetime while you marvel in a view that changes with each season. Why not turn something as necessary as transportation into a memorable sightseeing excursion that ends up being one of the highlights of your trip?

Travel With Panache

Chartering a flight is a fabulous way to show your loved one how special he or she truly is to you. There’s nothing like that dreamy view of the world from above. It’s also an incredibly magical way to pop the big question. A helicopter is also a great way to travel with flair. Whether your plans take you to a music festival or an island retreat, showing up in a helicopter says you know how to arrive with finesse.

Go Hassle-Free

Few things kill the thrill of travel than being stuck in city traffic. Traffic congestion in the Twin Cities is notorious, and once you factor in construction, it can be the stuff of nightmares. Chartering a private helicopter guarantees you make it where you are going without missing important check-in times or chipping away at your itinerary. When you travel by helicopter, you also avoid the headaches you would encounter at the airport. The helicopter rental price is an investment in your peace of mind.

Get straight to the good part by skipping over these common airport hassles:

  • Long security lines
  • Unexpected layovers
  • Noisy passengers
  • Inconvenient flight times

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