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Helicopter Tours for Your Special Events

A helicopter flight can offer the perfect touch to your special occasion. Touring the Twin Cities from above adds to your celebration of any special event. A helicopter ride offers a fabulous way to arrive at your special event in style as well as add a perfect, memorable adventure, whatever your occasion. At MN Helicopters, our fleet of reliable, comfortable helicopters and professional pilots gives you that extra something to make your special celebration unforgettable.

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Tie the Knot in Style

Who needs a limo when you can take to the skies? There’s no better way to kick off your honeymoon and your new life together than sharing breathtaking views of the city below from one of our helicopters.

With one of our chartered flights, you can go directly from your wedding to a romantic island getaway or some other remote adventure for two. Or skip the hassle of traffic and arrive at the airport for your honeymoon flight with time to spare. A helicopter charter is also a perfect dramatic grand exit for your special day.

Taking off for your honeymoon by helicopter also lets you:

  • Skip the hassle of airport transportation
  • Get aerial images of your wedding
  • Start the honeymoon fun immediately

Honored Guests

Few things are as rewarding as traveling to a remote, beautiful spot for a special event. Getting married in the mountains or on a beach can be a dream come true. You can even give your parents, grandparents, or other family members a lift to any special event with a helicopter. There is no better way to show you care and want someone to be part of your special event than going above and beyond to make sure they arrive in comfort and style.


Helicopter rentals are a fun addition to any charity event. A helicopter ride makes an excellent addition to the silent auction, or you can host a fun golf ball drop. These epic fundraiser events offer the perfect opportunity to generate plenty of buzz and media interest for your charity.

Get Romantic

A charter helicopter flight over the Twin Cities is one of the most romantic dates in the book of love. It’s a perfect gift for a special birthday or anniversary. Arrive at your dinner date or hotel reservation by air to make a lasting impression. When it comes to popping the big question, there are few dreamier places than overlooking the city from above. Helicopter tours can create a memory that will last a lifetime, offering a truly unique and intimate experience unmatched by anything else.

Helicopters are also perfect for:

  • Prom
  • VIP events
  • Media events
  • Guests of honor

To schedule the perfect flight for your special occasion, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or you can message us at info@mnhelicopters.com.