Comprehensive Helicopter Flight Training From Seasoned Professionals

Welcome to MN Helicopters’ flight training program! Whether you have always dreamed of becoming a helicopter pilot or you simply want to learn more about the world of aviation, we are happy to get you started on the path to helicopter flight. Our skilled flight instructors are there for you every step of the way.

As a smaller helicopter flight school, our helicopter lessons are:

  • Individually-tailored
  • Hands-on
  • Safety-oriented
  • Flexible

Expert Helicopter Flight Training

Teaching helicopter flight to future pilots is our passion, and we are dedicated to sharing that passion as aviation industry professionals. We’re working at the top of our field to make you the best pilot possible. Our flight instructors rely on a fleet of Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters, some of the best and most reliable machines in the aviation industry. We keep our fleet well-maintained and held to the highest industry standards so you can feel safe and comfortable as you take to the skies.

Located just north of the Twin Cities in Blaine, Minnesota, MN Helicopters offers a wide range of unique flight training experiences for all levels and pilot ratings. Whether you plan to fly as a hobby, your profession, or something in between, we can help get you on the path to success.

Check Out Our Introductory Flights

An introductory flight offers you the opportunity to decide how far you want to take your helicopter aviation training. An introductory flight is the first step toward seeing your flying dreams come true. Our expert flight training staff takes you up in one of our R22 or R44 helicopters. Our introductory flights last 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Our introductory flights include:

  • Basic ground instruction
  • Fundamentals of helicopter safety
  • The chance to take over the controls

Earn a Private Pilot Certificate

Completing your private pilot certificate is your first stop on any helicopter pilot path. A private pilot certificate allows you to fly for fun, enjoy the air with friends and family, and maybe even fly your own helicopter. To earn a private pilot certificate, you will need to be at least 17 years old and hold a third class medical certificate or BasicMed. A private certificate requires a minimum of 40 flight hours, but the average is 50-70.

Earn a Commercial Pilot Certificate

Many helicopter pilots choose to earn a commercial pilot certificate because it gives them the opportunity to fly more often. After obtaining your private pilot certificate, this is the perfect next step for many pilots. A commercial pilot certificate will allow you to make money doing what you love most. Commercial pilot training also offers a much deeper understanding of helicopter flight and gives you the opportunity to build your proficiency as a pilot. To earn your commercial certificate, you must be 18 years old and hold a second class medical certificate. You will fly a minimum of 150 hours, and your hours from private training count toward this commercial rating.

Become a Certified Flight Instructor

For many pilots, becoming a CFI is a logical step in progressing their aviation careers. There is no feeling like sharing your passion for helicopters with a fellow pilot. Our flight training staff understands what it takes to be a successful instructor and will prepare you to reach your full potential. As a CFI, you will have various opportunities to see the country. To earn your CFI, you must be at least 18 years old, hold a commercial certificate, and hold a medical certificate.

Earn a Private Pilot Add-On

If you are already a certified airplane pilot, dual certification is a great way to add to your skill set. We teach you the basics of helicopter equipment and safety. Because you already understand the fundamentals of flight, you are already halfway to earning your helicopter pilot rating. This add-on requires 30 hours and a third-degree medical certification.

Earn a Commercial Pilot Add-On

If you are working as a professional airplane pilot, a commercial pilot add-on can help you become much more competitive. Your prior knowledge of aviation from piloting a plane puts you ahead of the game. We take your training and create proficiency with helicopter flight. This program requires you to fly 55 hours and obtain a second-degree medical certificate.

Schedule Your Helicopter Flight Training Classes

To schedule your helicopter flight training classes today, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or you can message us at info@mnhelicopters.com.