Aerial Photography

Stunning Aerial Photography with Helicopter Tours

Aerial photography can provide some of the most beautiful and breathtaking images available. When done well, helicopter-based aerial photography can capture a stunning view of the world from above. By capturing the world through a bird’s eye view, we get to see things that are invisible to us on the ground below. Helicopter tour aerial photography has become an important tool as both an artistic and commercial tool.

Perfect for Many Projects

It seems the only limitations to uses for aerial photography are the boundaries of the human imagination. Because helicopters are able to easily maneuver into areas not accessible by planes, they offer the opportunity to photograph remarkable and enchanting spaces. Aerial images can add a level of professionalism to your marketing that demands respect. It also allows a greater understanding of an area or landscape for development and construction projects.

Aerial photographs work well for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Cartography
  • Architectural photography
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Construction sites
  • Tourism
  • Real estate
  • Film industry
  • Media
  • And more

Expand Your Photography Portfolio

As an aerial photographer, the sky's the limit when it comes to the types of images you can capture. Adding high-quality aerial photos to your professional photography portfolio demonstrates your versatility as a commercial photographer. The Twin Cities offer countless views that capture the artistic imagination. Helicopter aerial photography allows a photographer’s artistry to shine through in a way that is simply not possible with drones or fixed-wing aircraft photography.

Precise Positioning for the Perfect Picture

The ability of a helicopter to hover allows for experimentation with shots, aperture, and angles. Using multiple cameras and settings is a great way to get a variety of beautiful images. Many photographers enjoy experimenting with shutter speed, time of day, and ISO. Some of the most fascinating helicopter aerial images actually include the helicopter itself.

Here are a few of our favorite types of helicopter aerial images:

  • Landscape shots
  • Dashboard shots
  • Rearview shots
  • Downward shots

Twin Cities Helicopter Flight Tours

At MN Helicopters, we are experienced working with aerial photographers. We know how to help you get the best possible images for your commercial or artistic needs. We can offer you an unforgettable flight over our beautiful Twin Cities.

Our flight services follow your lead to help you get exactly what you need. We offer reliable, safe charter flights to get you the images you need. To get started on your perfect aerial images, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or you can message us at