Commercial Pilot Certificate

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Certificate Training

After earning your private helicopter pilot certificate, the next step to conquering the skies is to make flying your career. A commercial certificate allows you to be compensated for the work you complete as a helicopter pilot. Obtaining a commercial certificate offers you the opportunity make money while doing what you love. It also gives you a much deeper understanding of helicopter flight and helps you develop a strong proficiency as a helicopter pilot.

Experience Exciting Opportunities

A career as a commercial helicopter pilot offers you the excitement of a career in aviation and the opportunity to travel all over the world. It is a great way to give yourself plenty of opportunities to fly since the cost of helicopter hours can start to add up over time. A pilot’s life is exciting, challenging, and never boring.

With a commercial pilot’s certificate, you can work in:

  • Tourism and sightseeing
  • Forestry
  • Emergency medical services
  • Executive transportation
  • Offshore support
  • Utilities
  • And more

Start With Private Pilot Certificate

The first step in obtaining your commercial pilot certificate is to complete your private pilot certificate. A private pilot certificate is the perfect way to get started on the path to becoming a commercial helicopter pilot. To receive your private pilot certificate, you will log at least 40 hours. Those hours from your private certificate helicopter lessons count toward the commercial rating.

Commercial Pilot Certificate Requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old
  • Fly a minimum of 150 hours
  • Hold a second-class medical certificate.

FAA Airspace Regulation Experts

FAA airspace regulations change every year, therefore, it’s important to stay abreast of these changes. Our expert helicopter training professionals are proficient in federal aviation regulations, which means they will be able to guide you in everything you need to know to keep up to speed on FAA rules. We also remain up-to-date on regulatory changes as they arise. We help you understand what you need to know to remain in compliance with these regulations.

Professional Helicopter Aviation Instructors

Our professional helicopter flight training instructors teach you everything you need to know about the instrumentation of a helicopter. You will learn instrument-only flight training and experience cross-country flight hours. We offer you complete instruction in emergency procedures and aviation weather to prepare you for every possible scenario.

We share our knowledge of airspace definitions and aircraft systems through professional, individualized instruction to help make you into the best pilot you can be. At MN Helicopters, our helicopter flight school gives you what you need to start your dream of becoming a commercial helicopter pilot. To earn your commercial pilot certificate, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or you can message us at