Flight Options for Helicopter Tours

Helicopters offer the opportunity to get where you are going quickly and conveniently. Whether you are planning your honeymoon, a weekend retreat, or a corporate outing, we can help you skip the hassle of being stuck in traffic. With our charter helicopter service available, there is no need to worry about delayed flights, crowded airplanes, and lost luggage. At MN Helicopters, we get you where you are going in style. We offer helicopter charter flights throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

There are many reasons flying by chopper is better:

  • Enjoy complete privacy
  • Take in unforgettable views
  • Make a grand entrance or exit
  • Demonstrate exceptional hospitality
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Hassle-Free Helicopter Charter Flights

Enjoy hassle-free travel hand in hand with breathtaking scenery. Charter flights blend the best of private travel services with one-of-a-kind transportation. Chartering one of our helicopters allows travel on your itinerary with your schedule in mind. There is no better way to plan every detail of your journey from takeoff to landing. Because our helicopters are not limited by roads and runways, helicopter charter flights allow you to skip airports altogether and land nearly anywhere. Whether you are going to your own wedding, a fabulous vacation, or the hottest music festival of the season, with a chartered helicopter, you will arrive in style.

Corporate Outings Fit for Executives

If you have an upcoming corporate event for your employees or clients, choose MN Helicopters to provide any tour for your special event. We can help you plan a special day for your employees, clients, or other business partners to give them an experience they won’t forget.

We also offer site-to-site transportation for your employees or clients clients to show them how much you value what they offer. There’s no need to waste time sitting in traffic or in sluggish airport lines when we can get you there safely and efficiently.

Memorable Special Events

A helicopter flight can turn an already special event into pure magic. If you’re looking for a perfect wedding proposal, a helicopter is a great way to make a memory that lasts a lifetime. Take your significant other on a breathtaking aerial tour of the Twin Cities to celebrate a special birthday. We can also help you raise money for your organization by bringing in a helicopter from our fleet to use as part of your next fundraiser.

Suggestions for fundraisers:

  • Host a golf ball drop
  • Offer a helicopter ride for a raffle prize
  • Bundle into a silent auction dream vacation

Stunning Aerial Photography

Aerial photography captures memorable views that automatically boost a company’s image, and its applications are nearly limitless. Aerial photography can step up your marketing game and help make you more competitive within your industry. Restaurants, parks, amusement parks, and other hospitality industry organizations rely on beautiful aerial views to “wow” clients with their offerings. Construction and real estate organizations use aerial photography in mapping, inspection, and project management.

When it comes to beautiful aerial photography, there is simply no substitute for the beautiful views you can get while hovering over the city in a helicopter. Our pilots are experienced with getting you the perfect view for your images. Whether you are working on a marketing campaign or a real estate listing, we bring years of experience and the attentive care of a smaller charter service. Now is the perfect time to add aerial images to your portfolio.

Aerial Surveying Projects

Our pilots are highly experienced at meeting the requirements of contract work for commercial and government projects. We offer site-to-site transportation to get you where you need to go around your worksites. With MN Helicopters, you can inspect your worksites in professionalism and style. Our pilots are familiar with agricultural industry contracts, wind turbines on wind farms, real estate development, and a number of other fields.

Our proven safety record and proficiency in FAA regulations make us the perfect fit for your helicopter transportation needs. To plan your flight, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or you can message us at