Private Pilot Add-On

Private Pilot Add-On

If you already have a private pilot certificate with airplane rating, you may be interested in adding helicopter pilot training to your skill set. We can help you learn what you need to know to join this very special club of dual-rated aviation experts. If you can already fly an airplane, you are already two steps ahead of the game when it comes to learning to fly a helicopter. Your prior aviation experience will make it easy for you to succeed in helicopter flight training.

Requirements for a private pilot add-on:

  • Airplane rating certification
  • A minimum of 30 hours
  • At least a third class medical

Freedom to Explore

Flying an airplane can be a lot of fun, but it still has its limitations. Airplanes can only go where there are runways, but helicopters, on the other hand, can land almost anywhere. This means there are few limitations to where you can land and travel in a helicopter. Helicopters offer the opportunity to travel to secluded spots that would be off-limits to an airplane or car.

Build Your Aviation Knowledge

With your prior aviation experience, you already have a foundational understanding of the principles of flight. The private pilot add-on offers you a chance to apply those principles to helicopter flight. You will learn all the parts and components of a helicopter and learn to operate its controls. You will also learn how to hover and train in both basic and advanced maneuvers. We help you understand how aviation weather affects helicopter flight differently than airplanes, and we prepare you for every eventuality in terms of safety and emergency training.

Learn Helicopter Maneuvers

In many ways, flying a helicopter is not too different from flying an airplane. Though many of the principles are the same between airplane and helicopter aviation, there are some key differences. One of the primary and most obvious of these differences is the controls. Additionally, helicopters and airplanes create lift in different ways.

An airplane requires force and movement to generate lift, whereas a helicopter generates lift by spinning its rotors. Although this makes helicopters ideal for operations like touring and search and rescue, it also means learning an entirely different type of maneuverability in order to become a competent pilot.

There are four primary differences between how plane and helicopter flight:

  • Take-off
  • Hovering
  • Landing
  • Emergency procedures

Minnesota Helicopter Flight School

At Minnesota Helicopters, you benefit from the small, approachable size of our school. We are able to give each student plenty of attention and care. Our instructors are familiar with FAA regulations and can help you stay abreast of changes to these rules. We are happy to get your helicopter lessons started and send you on the path to dual certification!

Now is the Time to Schedule Helicopter Flight Classes

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