Commercial Pilot Add-On

Commercial Pilot Add-On Helicopter Flight Certification

If you’re currently certified as a commercial pilot with an airplane rating, you are already halfway to becoming a commercial helicopter pilot! You can significantly increase your marketability by adding dual certification to your list of qualifications. In fact, a dual certification is preferred for many executive flight positions. Adding a helicopter rating to your airplane certification is a fairly simple process. With your background in commercial flight, you already have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of aviation.

Add Helicopter Flight Training to Your Skills


Learning the fundamentals of helicopter piloting is a perfect step for many commercial pilots. We teach you in one of our popular R22 or R44 helicopters, both of which are popular choices for flight instruction around the world. If you are over 18 years old and hold a second-class medical certificate or higher, we can get you flying with a minimum of 150 hours, total. Your private pilot certificate hours count toward those hours, making it easy to reach your goal. There are three main reasons to become dual certified as a commercial pilot:

  • Corporate flight needs
  • Increased aviation knowledge
  • Increased safety

Build on Your Foundation

The commercial pilot add-on covers much of the material covered in the commercial helicopter certificate training. But because you already have a great deal of flight experience, you will require fewer flight hours. Commercial training prepares you for various aviation weather and simulated emergencies. We increase your competency in flight maneuvers specific to helicopter aviation, preparing you for any eventuality.

From Fixed-Wing to Helicopter Lessons

While many of the fundamentals of aviation remain the same for fixed-wing flight and helicopter aviation, the differences can be significant. It can take a little while to adjust to flying a rotary lift aircraft. The skill set required is a bit different, and you will need to become adjusted to the maneuvers required to successfully and safely fly a helicopter for commercial purposes. We understand the unique challenges you face in becoming dual certified, and we are here to help you become highly skilled at everything you pilot.

We help you understand:

  • Flat pitch
  • Collective pitch
  • Cyclic pitch

Helicopter Flight School Dual Certification Experts

Both commercial fixed-wing aviation and helicopter aviation rely on the same principles of aerodynamics: lift, weight, thrust, and drag. The primary difference between the two types of aircraft is that lift and airflow work in completely different ways for a helicopter. Because of this, the controls are different as well. We teach you to seamlessly transition from one type of aircraft to another, making you the best in your field. To earn your commercial pilot add-on, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or you can message us at