Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveying Service in Minnesota

When it comes to major projects, commercial operations often find themselves in need of skilled, professional helicopter service. At MN Helicopters, our pilots are experienced in conducting a number of operations in various fields. Our expert pilots have experience offering commercial contract support as well as government contracts. We offer seasoned, professional service backed by our years of experience, and our familiarity with aviation regulations offers an added level of security to get the job done right.

Commercial Helicopter Service

Working on contract or a call-when-needed basis, our fleet can help see your project’s objectives through to completion. We are a small company with a huge commitment to customer satisfaction. We love to help you do what it takes to see a project through to completion. We serve Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

We can assist your organization with:

  • Land Surveillance and Development
  • Agricultural Surveillance
  • Wind Farm Surveillance
  • Wildlife Surveillance
  • Power Line Surveillance
  • Pipeline Surveillance
  • And more

Land Surveillance and Development

Gathering data through aerial surveillance is one of the cornerstones of many land development projects. Our team has experience with both government interagency projects and commercial ventures. Whether you need to survey land for wildlife or to deliver supplies to a worksite, we can help. We are also experienced with photo mapping and a variety of other important commercial land surveillance applications. Our pilots are up to speed on the most recent FAA regulations, and we are also familiar with regulatory concerns when working government contracts.

Agricultural Helicopter Contracts

Maintaining agricultural field operations can be a sizeable task. We can help you keep your row crops in top shape for a bountiful harvest. Our fleet of Robinson helicopters can take your quality insurance inspectors from site to site, allowing you a fast, firsthand look at your crops. Our pilots are experienced performing a variety of maneuvers for agricultural field distribution. We do everything it takes to help you achieve your bottom line.

Helicopter Contracts for Wind Farms

Wind farms are one of the fastest-growing energy resources in the United States. Our pilots can help keep your wind farm in top shape. Our pilots can contract with you to take inspectors to your wind farm sites. With our help, monitoring your turbines and inspecting your farm windmills is easily managed. If the unforeseeable should arise, we offer a timely response to get your turbines back in operating order as quickly as possible.

Our solutions are:

  • Tailored to your unique organizational needs
  • Safe and reliable
  • Fast and professional

Wildlife Surveillance

At MN Helicopters we have a deep appreciation for the wildlife in the Upper Midwest. Therefore, we utilize helicopters for helping different agencies survey wildlife populations in the area. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact population of any species, wildlife surveillance gives us an overall picture of the size of the population and where the wildlife is growing in Minnesota. Helicopters are especially useful for surveying big animals such as deer. Contact us today to schedule a surveillance flight for your agency.

Power Line Surveillance

Monitoring power lines in Minnesota can be quite challenging due to the rugged Minnesota terrain, thick woods, and numerous lakes. Thus, a helicopter provides an efficient and safe alternative to ground monitoring. From the air we can help your company assess and document the condition of power lines, poles, and related equipment around the Upper Midwest. We can get close enough to the power lines so that you can make an accurate inspection.

Aerial Pipeline Patrol

You never know when a pipeline will leak. When it happens, it can be disastrous and take days to fix. One of the ways we can help your agency is with through pipeline patrol and leak prevention. Just like power lines, you can accurately and efficiently evaluate the condition of equipment anywhere along the pipeline. Aerial patrol allows you to survey the pipes, detect leaks, and warn nearby residents and businesses of any potential disasters.

Comprehensive Aerial Service From MN Helicopters

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