If you’re looking for a great gift for your next big holiday or special occasion, we have the perfect suggestion. Imagine soaring above the Twin Cities, taking in breathtaking sights and sounds. Whether you are planning a surprise celebration for a graduation or looking for a magical way to impress your special someone, a helicopter ride is a magical way to show you care.


We’ve put together this list of 5 reasons a helicopter ride is the perfect gift for your next special event.


1. Give the Gift of Perfect Pictures

If your significant other is a shutterbug, a helicopter ride offers plenty of amazing photo ops. Before you even take off, snap some Instagram pics in front of our chopper together. Once you are up in the air, enjoy snapping breathtaking views. A helicopter has the unique ability to ascend vertically and hover, meaning you will get the chance for photo ops you would not otherwise have.


Don’t miss these perfectly snappable moments:


●        The pre-flight pose

●        Old-school aerial shot

●        Inside the chopper

●        Helicopter-in-view aerial shot


2. It Make the Perfect Date Night

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to decide where to go on your night out with your significant other, and you realize you are trapped in the monotony of restaurants and movies. Break out of the routine and do something amazing. A helicopter ride is the perfect opportunity to share a romantic adventure together.


Each ride is a unique experience. Few things are more romantic than sharing a dreamy flight together. Better yet, charter a helicopter to a romantic bed and breakfast someplace or a remote location perfect for popping the question.


3. The Views are Spectacular

One of the coolest things about a helicopter is its ability to take you much lower than an airplane. In a fixed-wing airplane, speed and altitude are necessary to remain in the air, whereas a helicopter can fly or hover from a standstill in any direction from any altitude.

Close-up views low to the ground that are not possible in any other aircraft make the experience in a helicopter unique and unforgettable. There is no better way to get an intimate view from above your favorite wilderness area or urban center.


At MN Helicopters, we offer several spectacular scenic air tours:


●        St. Croix River/White Bear Lake Tour

●        Lake Minnetonka Tour

●        Mississippi River North to Monticello


4. See the Twin Cities Like Never Before

How well do you know your city? Perhaps you retain a thorough knowledge of main thoroughfares and important arterial streets, but you can still take in and experience so much more from above. Unlike the familiar view seen when flying in and out of a big international airport, the view from a helicopter lasts more than a couple of minutes and gets much closer and more personal. New discoveries await as you fly and hover over the rooftops and skylines around town.


Our Twin City Tour takes you through the downtown areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Enjoy a spectacular view of the skylines. Tour the Metrodome, the Capitol, the IDS building, and the outlay of the two largest cities in Minnesota.



5. It’s Exciting

For many thrillseekers, the excitement of taking off in the air above the Twin Cities is enough to get the heart racing. But if the thrill of soaring over Minnesota is not enough, break out of the monotony of the everyday for something spectacular. Our Hinckley Casino Dinner Flight flies you north to the Hinckley Casino for an exciting night of adventure.


Give your taste buds a thrill by dining out at one of the casino’s five dining offerings such as the Grand Buffet or the Winds Steakhouse. Spend three hours enjoying your evening at the casino before heading home.



Schedule Your MN Helicopter Tour Today

At MN Helicopters, we can get you started on the ride of a lifetime. Whether you are planning for a birthday, an anniversary, a proposal, or a special date night, plan now for the perfect gift. We can help you create an experience that will wow your loved one and leave a lasting impression.


To order corporate helicopter transportation for your next big meeting, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or you can message us at mnhelis@gmail.com.