For those who already hold a rating in airplanes, this post is for you! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a helicopter? Are you looking for a new challenge? Looking to be more competitive in the commercial market? Then consider doing your private or commercial add-on with MN Helicopters.


            There are many benefits to already having an airplane rating. The first of many being that you already know the ins and outs of aviation like navigation, airspace, weather, communications, regulations, and more. This greatly accelerates the learning process as we can focus in on the helicopter and its specifics. Another great benefit is that you will already hold a medical, and you won’t need to complete another written exam. The advantages keep stacking up!


            To add on a private helicopter rating, the FAA requires that you fly a minimum of 30 hours before you can take a check ride. Realistically, I would plan on more like 40-50 hours before you are comfortable enough with helicopter specific maneuvers and are feel like you have things like hovering mastered.


            Another option for career airplane pilots out there is to add on a commercial helicopter rating. There are many benefits to being able to being dual rated, and you will be that much more competitive in the market. In certain areas of aviation, corporate flying especially, being a dual rated pilot is highly sought after and can open up doors that were previously inaccessible. The FAA requires you to fly a minimum of 55 hours before you can take a check ride.


            If you are at all curious about what it takes to add on a helicopter rating, be sure to book an intro flight today. There is only one way to figure out if helicopters are right for you!


See you in the skies!


Noah DeKam

Flight Instructor, MN Helicopters