What can you expect from introductory flight training?


You will gain a basic understanding of some of the components and control functions of an airplane, as well as how to take command of your craft in the air. When you sign up for flight classes, you will work with seasoned experts who will give you a comprehensive education followed up by hands-on training in some of the most reliable helicopters available today.


MN Helicopters offers a wide range of unique flight training experiences for all levels and pilot ratings. Whether you plan to fly as a hobby, launch a career or want to become an instructor, you can achieve your goals in our school.


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Level 1 flight training at MN Helicopters includes the following:


Basic Ground Instruction

This course is designed for the person with little or no background in aviation. It includes the most important training a pilot will receive as it forms the basis for all additional courses. The course is designed as the first step for those who wish to go on to become a professional pilot or as a complete course for those who will fly their own helicopter privately.

The flight-training course will teach you basic maneuvers to more advanced procedures. You will develop the skills and experience necessary to safely fly the helicopter as a pilot. The accelerated course time can take anywhere six months to one year.


Helicopter Safety

The most critical element of helicopter training is a strict adherence to operational safety. While taking these course, you will gain a firm understanding of safety regulations, proper safety procedures for taking off, landing, and operating a helicopter in the air.


You will learn to follow safety protocols in relation to your passengers, other pilots in the air, and landing at different terminals. You will also learn how to handle emergency situations both in the air and on the ground.


We teach the basics of navigation, chart reading, instrument reading, and regulations you will need to comply with. We also teach you about weather concerns you may encounter in your future as a helicopter pilot and how to control your craft in inclement weather.


The Chance to Take Over the Controls

All of your ground training will prepare you for the moment when you are in the pilot’s seat navigating the helicopter with the aid of a certified instructor. You’ll start with the basics by flying from our take-off point to designated landmarks. We’ll challenge you to utilize a variety of navigation techniques and skills while learning at a safe pace.


As a smaller helicopter flight school, our helicopter lessons are:


●        Individually-tailored

●        Hands-on

●        Safety-oriented

●        Flexible


Pilot Certification Requirements

Requirements for earning a private pilot certificate include:


●        You must be 17 years old

●        A minimum of 40 flight hours with an average of 50-70 hours

●        A third class medical certificate or BasicMed


The FAA requires all helicopter pilots to be medically cleared for flight. Medical certification requires a physical exam from an FAA-approved Aviation Medical Examiner.


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