Helicopter flight training is simultaneously challenging and fulfilling. It can be the most exhilarating and frightening adventure you undertake. Therefore, if you want a positive experience during your flight training, then follow these tips below.


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1. Start Out With a Discovery Flight

If you are unsure whether you want to pursue flying a helicopter, then try taking a discovery flight. A discovery flight allows you to climb in the pilot seat of a training helicopter with an instructor. You will get an idea of what it is like to fly a helicopter and what you can expect from flight school courses.


You can spend time with an instructor and go over the details of your training. This is a great time for asking questions. You may also have the opportunity to ride in a simulator. If you discover that you are more excited about learning how to fly a helicopter, then signing up for courses is the next step.


2. Choose a Reputable Flight Training School

Ideally, you want to find a flight training school with the highest level of certification possible. Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) requires that a school must operate under a minimum of  FAR Part 61. Some schools also operate under FAR Part 141, which requires more extensive training and evaluation by highly skilled certified flight instructors (CFIs).


FAR Part 61 flight schools offer the same quality level of training as FAR Part 141 schools. However, FAR Part 141 schools offer more comprehensive training with more requirements. Therefore, when choosing a flight school, ask about FAR 61 and 141 certification. Also, ask about the flight experience of the CFIs including total logged flight and training hours.


3. Try to Take at Least Two Flight Sessions Per Week

While the cost of flying a helicopter multiple times a week can add up, you may find it difficult to retain what you learn if you wait too long between sessions. Since each new concept builds upon the last, you want to make sure you have a firm grasp of the previous session.


Also, waiting too long between each class can cause you to lose motivation and ultimately quit the course, thus wasting money. Taking multiple courses per week will keep you going, help you receive your certification more quickly, and help you retain what you learned. Most experts recommend you take at least two lessons per week.


4. Learn the Subtle Art of Armchair Flying

You can refine your flight skills while sitting down in a relaxed and safe environment in your office, home, or anywhere else on the ground. The technique known as Armchair Flying allows you to practice your procedures in front of a procedure trainer, which is a mockup of the cockpit. During armchair flying, you practice every procedure in various scenarios, such as normal conditions or severe weather. You go through the procedures to improve both your mental and muscle memory.


5. Study. Prepare. Repeat.

If you want to save time and money, as well as frustration, then study your manuals and review your lessons. Take good notes during ground training and ask lots of questions during air training.


Make sure you are prepared for every upcoming lesson. Being prepared will make your training go smoothly and give you more meaningful flight time. Make sure you understand what you will cover in the upcoming lesson and what you just covered in the previous lesson.


6. Be Patient and Persevere

If you are like most pilots, you will encounter lots of challenges when learning how to fly any helicopter. The only way to overcome those challenges is to continue your training and practice. Helicopters are not the easiest aircraft to fly. Therefore, you will want to be patient in your training and keep going when you face challenges. Eventually, you will overcome the difficulties and become a great pilot. So keep going!


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