If you already have a private pilot certificate with an airplane rating, you may want to participate in additional training to improve your skills. MN Helicopters offers comprehensive training programs that allow you to get a dual rating.


Requirements for our training program include:


●        Airplane rating certification

●        A minimum of 30 hours

●        At least a third class medical


Improve Your Flight Knowledge and Abilities

A helicopter rating gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned and take it to the next level. Our instructors can give you a well-rounded education that includes learning the mechanics of a helicopter and digging deeper into how to master the controls.


You will also perfect hovering, as well as learn more advanced maneuvering techniques. Our certified pilots help you gain a better understanding of how to operate your chopper in difficult weather conditions including high winds and heavy rains. We prepare you for intense scenarios including emergency landing and flying.


Commercial Training

A commercial pilot helicopter rating entitles you to fly for hire as well as recreationally. The maneuvers taught for this license are more advanced than for a private pilot, and the FAA test standards are higher, as well. Additionally, to get your Commercial rating, you must have 150 hours of flight time logged, with a minimum of 100 hours of pilot in command flight time as a Private Pilot.


Certified Flight Instructor Program

A Certified Flight Instructor rating is required to teach students, and many pilots start their helicopter flying careers as flight instructors. During this training, you will become even more proficient in your flying, and you will practice talking through and demonstrating the maneuvers as you would when teaching a student.

The amount of additional flight time for most students is minimal, but you can plan on a lot more homework, as the FAA’s Oral Examination for CFI is very challenging. You must have the Commercial Helicopter rating to Instruct.


Schedule Your Helicopter Flight Training Classes

To schedule your helicopter flight training classes today, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or you can message us on our contact page.