Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) are orders from the government (more specifically, the Federal Aviation Administration) that dictate who or what can pass through any given area of airspace. As you can imagine, TFRs are crucial for any future helicopter pilot to know about, lest the law be broken! At MN Helicopters, we are here to make sure you know everything necessary to have a safe and enjoyable helicopter flight training.


Why Issue a TFR?

TFRs can be issued in the NAS (National Airspace System) for numerous reasons—these include the movement of government officials, natural disasters, or large sporting events that may require heavy use of airspace. Usually, these restrictions operate in non-critical locations; the goal is to have the least effect on commercial flight services, such as charter flights or helicopter rides. A non-comprehensive list of TFRs—along with the reasoning behind them, airports affected, and when they go into effect—can be found on the Federal Aviation Administration’s website.


What Sets Different Types Apart?

Each type of TFR comes with its own unique restrictions and regulations because each is governed by an individual set of laws. For example, a VIP TFR surrounding the planned trip of the President outright prevents business aircraft from flying too close, but TFRs concerning the Vice President and other government officials tend to be a little more relaxed.


Why Should New Pilots Care?

As stated above, it is crucial for new helicopter pilots to know where and how to avoid these TFRs, as violating them can result in persecution. Avoiding them can be a major anxiety for the novice aircraftman! MN Helicopters offers a small, safety-focused environment in which to work through these anxieties. Our helicopter flight school offers lessons to everyone—from the new pilot who wants to learn the ropes of helicopter flight, to the serious pilot who wants to make helicopters their career. Learning how to fly safely is a key component of our introductory classes, and we build on this as you ascend the ranks.


Schedule a Helicopter Tour

We also offer charter flights and tours; a helicopter ride through the Minneapolis area is a great opportunity for aerial photography. Keep in mind, because large sporting events also affect when TFRs are put in place, you should always check to make sure there isn’t a Vikings, Twins, or Gopher Football home game on at the time you want to take your helicopter tour downtown. Otherwise, we can always schedule a tour of other scenic areas of the Twin Cities instead of Downtown Minneapolis!


If you’re ready to take your understanding of aviation to the next level, or if you’re just looking for a relaxing ride over our gorgeous Minnesota—look no further than MN Helicopters! To schedule your recreational or business helicopter tour today, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354). We look forward to hearing from you!