Since humans, very obviously, don’t have wings, flying doesn’t come naturally to us at first. It isn’t even a control thing; many people confess to getting panicked about your run-of-the-mill charter flights with steadfast pilots who have been flying for years. These flights are as safe as can be—pilots are extensively trained—and yet, the fear persists, which leads to people missing out on exciting travel opportunities.


The good news is that a fear of flying is surmountable, and it all starts with flight school. Helicopter flight school, to be exact. What better way to overcome a fear than learn to master it with helicopter flight training with Minnesota Helicopters?

Our Helicopter Flight Training is Beginner Friendly

Introductory flight lessons are tailored to the specific needs of the nervous beginner. Before you even get in the cockpit, you’ll learn about each component of the helicopter you’ll be flying; lessening the unknowns of an experience has been shown to reduce the anxiety surrounding it. We also demonstrate emergency safety procedures before your first takeoff. This, again, lessens the unknowns surrounding the flight experience. It can give you a plan of action, feelings of control, and autonomy—all things that are contradictory to flight-related fears.


Our instructors are level-headed and experienced. They understand that flying can be a scary thing for many people. This is why we work on your schedule and comfort levels—a luxury you will not find at many other larger helicopter flight schools.


Our introductory lessons are single-session and either thirty minutes or an hour in length. This offers just enough time for the anxious beginner to stretch their wings without pushing themselves too far and creating an unpleasant experience. As a bonus, the financial investment in beginner session is relatively low, due to its short length. It’s easy, affordable, and safe to test your limits with us.

Contact Minnesota Helicopters Today

Overcoming a lifelong fear of flying is an empowering thing. For many, the feelings of accomplishment when their feet hit the ground mean that they’re grinning ear to ear. If you’re ready to face your fears and feel the thrill of helicopter flight today, contact Minnesota Helicopters of today at us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or email us at