There’s nothing quite like summertime romance; no wonder we’re deluged with thousands of novels on the subject. Sharing ice cream cones, long walks by the beach, deep conversations as the sun lazily lowers itself behind the horizon… Sleepy, calm, safe, yet somehow fulfilling nonetheless. That’s the ideal summertime romantic experience for many people.


But what would that romance look like with a little thrill and adrenaline involved? And by thrill and adrenaline, we mean a helicopter ride. Quite different, to say the least!


Below, Minnesota Helicopters of Blaine and Saint Paul discusses what a Minneapolis helicopter ride can bring to your summertime romance—and why you should definitely consider investing in one for your next date.

Helicopter Rides Are a Bonding Experience

Why do you think that amusement parks are such a popular date choice? The adrenaline rush you and your date get from the ferris wheel or from that drop at the top of a huge roller coaster—you’re going to want to hug one another. And after you’ve finished, you’re going to want to laugh about how scared you both were. An adrenaline rush, as strange as it sounds, fosters an emotional connection.


Especially if you’ve never flown before, a helicopter ride can be a thrilling experience for many people. Because it’s so “scary,” there’s an opportunity for you to either comfort your date or bond over your mutual fear.


Rest assured that Minnesota Helicopters takes an astronomical amount of safety precautions to ensure the well-being of our customers. Underneath that adrenaline rush, you can feel safe knowing both you and your date are taken care of.

Exclusive Offers for Date Nights

Minnesota Helicopters has partnered with Holman’s Table to bring you an unforgettable date night experience: dinner and a flight around the Twin Cities! Meet us at Holman’s Table in Saint Paul for a lovely meal, and afterward join us for a nighttime Minnesota helicopter tour of the Twin Cities.


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