If you are looking for the perfect getaway for you and your employees, then try something new. Schedule a helicopter ride for your team to bring everyone together for a weekend retreat or other team-building activity. MN Helicopters can help you plan your weekend by offering helicopter tours across the Minnesota landscape. Contact us today to explore our package options for your corporate event.


Schedule a Relaxing Wellness Retreat With Your Entire Company

We offer great rates for corporate events that are affordable enough for you to bring your entire team along. One of the benefits of taking a helicopter ride is it provides a relaxing setting far away from the business of your work week. You can even pair employees together to discover the great Minnesota landscape together.


Choose a package that includes flying over the skyline of Minneapolis or a breathtaking view of Lake Minnetonka. No matter what you choose, a helicopter ride can be an integral activity that is a part of a Wellness Weekend where your employees get to know each other better and discover their inner peace before heading back to the grind.


Why a Helicopter Tour is Perfect for Your Corporate Outing

You could schedule all types of activities for a corporate weekend retreat. However, chances are that your workers have never flown in a helicopter. A tour over Minnesota will create memories that your staff will talk about for many years to come.


There are other benefits to scheduling a helicopter tour:


●        It’s an affordable option that won’t destroy your budget.

●        It puts employees together and allows them to interact in a totally unique way.

●        It gets your team away from the TV, the computer, and other distractions.

●        It’s truly relaxing. Participants don’t have anything to think about other than watching the spectacular view.

●        It’s easy to schedule and plan. All you have to do is set the date and the times. We do the rest.


Build Your Team and Choose Your Ride

Believe it or not, you can create activities in a helicopter. You can put two unlikely employees together and have them try to find designated landmarks while in the air. The team that finds the most landmarks wins! You can also have a Q&A “get to know ya!” session where each team member asks the other member unique questions and writes down the answers.


Whatever special event you plan, it’s better to do it in a helicopter than around a table.


Schedule Your Helicopter Corporate Event Today

If you are ready to take your next helicopter retreat or another event to the next level, then contact MN Helicopters today. We offer complete tour packages for small and large businesses.


To schedule your recreational or business helicopter tour today, contact us at 763-784-HELI (4354), or you can send a message at info@mnhelicopters.com.