So you have a special event coming up, and you are looking to do something fun, new, and adventurous. Or maybe you are looking to get somewhere in style. Have you considered a helicopter for your special event?


The cool thing about a helicopter is that there are so many ways one can be enjoyed. Maybe you have a corporate event or family party, and you want to give rides to your friends and family. Maybe you and a special someone want to take a helicopter to get dinner somewhere. Maybe you want a helicopter to drop golf balls or easter eggs for your charity event. Maybe you would like to take photos of an event from the air. These are just some of the many options that a helicopter can be available for. But this is not all. At MN Helicopters, we can find a way to incorporate a helicopter into almost any event.


If it’s for the purpose of sightseeing, there is no better way to experience the air. There is no doubt that everyone will have a good time flying, whether it’s a new experience or not.


If it’s for the purpose of transportation, there is no better way to make an entrance. And using a helicopter is not only cool, but it’s efficient. A helicopter can get you somewhere in half the time or less than it would take to travel by car.


Helicopters can also be a great spectacle for an event. Everyone loves seeing a helicopter come in and land, and using one for your event will add something new and fresh that people aren’t used to seeing.


No matter your event, reach out to us at MN Helicopters to figure out how we can make a helicopter work for you. I’m confident it will be the highlight of the event!


See you in the Skies!


Noah DeKam

Flight Instructor, MN Helicopters