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Helicopter Ride

Dealing with Severe Weather while Flying

Learn how helicopter flight schools and helicopter training programs prepare their students to brave bad weather.

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Why Helicopter Rides Make for Perfect Summertime Dates

Helicopter rides and aerial photography are both excellent date ideas. Discover why here.

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Helicopter rides, charter flights, and aerial photography opportunities can all trigger feelings of anxiety. Overcome those feelings permanently with helicopter flight training.

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Temporary Flight Restrictions and Your Helicopter Tour

Recreational helicopter rides, charter flights, and helicopter flight training can all be thrown off by TFRs. What are they, and who issues them?

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Adding a Helicopter Rating to Your Pilot Education

At MN Helicopters, you can add a helicopter rating to your certification. Schedule your classes today and your certification for private and commercial helicopter flights in Minnesota.

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6 Tips for Beginning Your Training As a Helicopter Pilot

If you are just getting started with helicopter flight training, here are some flight training tips that will help you become a better pilot. Schedule your flight training today with MN Helicopters in Minneapolis.

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What to Expect in Flight Training

Flight training is something very special. Being able to share my passion and knowledge of flying with someone else is what makes this job so enjoyable and rewarding. I am continually amazed day in and day out by the people I get to meet and train.

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Treat Your Spouse to a Surprise Helicopter Tour

If you are looking for an idea for your anniversary this year, take your spouse on a helicopter tour in Minneapolis, MN. We offer custom helicopter tours in the Twin Cities.

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Why Choose a Helicopter for Your Special Event?

So you have a special event coming up, and you are looking to do something fun, new, and adventurous.

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Discover How Helicopter Events Can Build Your Team

Minnesota helicopter rides can access your corporate event. Impress team members and strengthen your team by enjoying a weekend retreat or engaging in a ride across Minnesota.

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